Extend the life of your pipeline infrastructure with our durable epoxy and mastic coatings. These liquid coatings are strong and can be used in many different applications such as high temperature, damp or wet surfaces, holiday repairs, and above and below ground. Let us help you find the right corrosion protection caoting for your next pipeline job or make your next underground utility job easy with our complete tracer wire system from wire to connectors, test stations, anodes and locator. Proudly serving the oil, gas and water industries for over 25 years.
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Corrosion and Damage Prevention Products
Extend the Life of Your Pipeline or Utility Infrastructure with Our Full Line of Corrosion and Damage Prevention Products

Below Ground Marking

12” Signal Tape
Signaltape provides a visual warning by ensuring tape is brought to the surface, alerting the operator to the presence of a buried utility.
6” Signal Tape ignaltape provides a visual warning by ensuring tape is brought to the surface, alerting the operator to the presence of a buried utility.
Buried Warning Tape Buried warning tape gives you one last chance to let an excavator know they are too close to your cable or pipeline. Warning tape notifies excavators who have not called for a locate as well as excavators hand digging near the pipeline/cable. Homeowners often do not call before they dig so warning tape can be especially effective in residential areas.
4” Ball Marker Self-leveling design provides accurate, horizontal position regardless of how it is placed in the ground which makes the job of precise locating easier.
Full Range Markers These EMS Full-Range Markers are composed of polyethylene shells that are impervious to minerals, chemicals, and temperature extremes typically found underground. Color-coded to APWA standards for visual reference, each utility has its own frequency. Markers can be imprinted with up to 100 characters of customer specific information.
Near Surface Marker Offering a convenient, long-lasting method for marking underground assets. This surface marker is easily installed in asphalt, concrete or rock. All markers are color-coded to APWA standards for visual reference, and up to 100 characters can be imprinted on each marker with customer specific information.
Magnetic Cable & Pipeline Marker The Rhino Mag marker is designed to be buried directly above underground utilities such as plastic pipes and fiber optic cables. These colorful and high-strength permanent magnetic markers are easy to install can be detected at depths up to 10 feet (3 m). The color-coded Rhino Mag is permanent and never needs to be recharged.
Stokboard Stokbord cable and pipeline protection is durable and long lasting. Stokbord provides heavy duty protection for cabling, water and gas pipeline, as well as an ease of installation.
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