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Marker Post

TriView The highly visible TriView’s triangular design ensures that your warning message can be seen from any direction, can withstand vehicle impacts up to 55 MPH and snap back to original upright position, UV stabilizers help with fade resistance, Temperature stable from -40o F to +150o F.
TriView 400 Convert faded fiber bloomed low visibility, fiberglass posts into bright three-sided markers that can be seen from any direction with the 4-inch wide TriView 400.
Rhino Dome The round design of the RhinoDome makes it visible from any direction. It is UV stable and can withstand extreme temperatures. Is temperature stable from -40° Fahrenheit to +150° Fahrenheit. Capable of withstanding a vehicle impact and will return to its original upright position.
3 Rail Post The 3-Rail fiberglass post is rigid enough to be installed easily in most soil conditions and has the durability to withstand repeated impacts. Will remain flexible from -40°F to +140° F.
Hybrid 3 Rail Post  The Rhino Hybrid post can be driven into the ground just like a fiberglass post, but it has the benefits of its engineered thermoplastic construction and superior design. 3-Rail design gives it the strength to withstand repeated vehicle impacts. Unlike fiberglass posts, points won’t round off when hitting a rock. This special blend of engineered thermoplastic provides maximum fade resistance.
Hydrant Marker The highly visible Hydrant Marker has a triangular design that ensures your warning message and pedestal can be seen from any direction. UV stabilizers protect its color and integrity and prevents fading in the sun.
Decals Rhino all-weather vinyl decals are fade-resistant and designed specifically for outdoor environments. Each decal is manufactured for your specific application to ensure a long, useful life.
TriView Test Station The TriView Test Station™ provides 360-visibility with three warning messages that can be read from any direction. Industry standard 11-hole pattern provides room for multiple terminals and custom configurations. All holes are one inch on center.
Rhino Dome Test Station The RhinoDome Test Station™ includes graphics that are hot-stamped directly into the post, ensuring the warning message will remain visible throughout the entire lifespan of the marker. It can withstand direct sunlight for a minimum of 10 years without significant fading or cracking.
Tracer-Pit Test Station TracerPit All-Duty 2 or 5-terminal test stations are a ground level, direct connection, access point featuring 2 or 5 terminal lid. It provides a direct connection for locate technicians to hook their transmitter to within a racer wire system. Features a locking lid design that
works well in cold weather. Provides a direct connection for locate technicians through an integrated, water-proof terminal board
featuring a built-in ground switch that allows manual routing of signal to each terminal through manipulation of included bonding/grounding strap manipulation.
HideOut Test Station The HideOut™ provides easy access to tracer wire in spots where upright posts are impractical. This flush-mounted test station is ideal for areas where mowers are prevalent. The telescoping terminal board makes using it a breeze.

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