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Wax Coatings and Tapes

The Wax Coating System is a universal system that provides UV resistance and can be used for above and below grade applications. It comes in several difference colors (blue, yellow, grey, green & red) and can be custom painted to match company colors. The system is also highly conformable and will not interefer with inspections that need to be done. It is ideal for valves, flanges and fittings.

Workers Using Tape

Wax Tapes, Primers and accessories


Petrolatum tape designed to protect wet or dry irregularly shaped metal surfaces.


Petrolatum based primer for use with Envirotape


A clear, flexible plastic film designed to provide extra mechanical protection for Envirotape.

Profile Putty

A blend of petrolatum wax, inert fillers and expanded polystyrene beads used to contour surfaces and fill voids prior to overwrapping with Envirotape.
Color Coat A 60-mil odorless, self-hardening wax coating. Can be used above or below grade on wet or dry surafaces.Resistant to UV light and environmental exposure. Maximum operating temperature is 140 deg F. Available in yellow, blue, red, green and grey. Other colors available upon request.
Color Coat Primer Petrolatum based primer for use with Color Coat Wax Tapes.
Rugged Wrap Protective reinforced fiberglass mesh used as an outerwrap to enhance mechanical strenght of any coating. It is moisture activated and will not shield or interfere with cathodic protection systems. Available in yellow, blue, red, green, gray and white.

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