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Pipeline Primers

Primer products for various uses. Proper surface preparation required. Please refer to individual product data sheets for specific information



TC Omniprime Universal, VOC exempt solvent-based primer developed for use with hot tapes, cold applied tapes, and heat shrinkable sleeves.
TC Enviroprime A formulated wax paste applied by hand or brush prior to the application any of Tapecoat's petrolatum wax tapes or coating modules.
Roybond 747 A liquid adhesive used with butyl and elastometic products that creates a permanent bond between the tape and the substrate. Available in gallons, quarts or aerosol cans.
Reilly 122M Black Synthetic Primer An outstanding synthetic primer. A solution of polymeric resins, modified and adjusted with plasticizers and a stabilizer in a blend of special solvents.
Scapa Renwrap® Primers 319 PrimerRecommended for machine application to new or smooth pipe services and promotes high bond
of the RENWRAP pipeline coating to the pipe. Meets AWWA C-214.
327 PrimerRecommended for use on all hand brush applications with RENWRAP pipeline coatings.
328 PrimerRecommended for use with RENWRAP pipeline coatings. Used for non-flammable applications
where extreme safety precautions are being observed.
TC 7000 Epoxy Primer A two-part high temperature coating used as a primer for Tapecoat 6025 HT and HT/MB High Temperature tapes. Designed to provide protection against corrostion on pipeines with service temperatures up to 300° F.

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