Extend the life of your pipeline infrastructure with our durable epoxy and mastic coatings. These liquid coatings are strong and can be used in many different applications such as high temperature, damp or wet surfaces, holiday repairs, and above and below ground. Let us help you find the right corrosion protection caoting for your next pipeline job or make your next underground utility job easy with our complete tracer wire system from wire to connectors, test stations, anodes and locator. Proudly serving the oil, gas and water industries for over 25 years.
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Corrosion and Damage Prevention Products
Extend the Life of Your Pipeline or Utility Infrastructure with Our Full Line of Corrosion and Damage Prevention Products

Long-Lasting Epoxy Coatings an d Mastics

Extend the life of your pipelines with epoxy coatings and mastics from TexStar Products in Daingerfield, Texas. Our products are good for field applications for both aboveground and below-ground uses.

Epoxies & Mastics

TC 7000 High Temp Epoxy (color: red) Up to 300° F, Dual Purpose: 1) Primer for 6025 and HT/MB tapes or 2) stand-alone coating for above or below grade
TC Wet Bond Flexible Epoxy Mastic
(color: gray or black)
Use on wet, submerged or dry, freshwater surfaces as a stand-alone coating for above or below grade, 40 mils, pot life 60 to 90 minutes
Pipe Segments
TC 7100 Wet Bond Gray Epoxy (color: gray) Use on damp, wet, or dry freshwater surfaces as a stand-alone coating above or below grade, 20 mils,
pot life 30 to 45 minutes
TC 7025 EZ Flow Epoxy (color: charcoal gray) Good for field applications and holiday repair, for above- or below-ground, 25 mil, pot life approx. 10 minutes
TC 7030 High Build, High Temp (color: red) Up to 300° F, above- or below-ground, 30 mil, pot life approx. 15 minutes, dries to touch in minutes
TC Mastic Brush applied coal-tar coating for below ground. Low VOC
Bitumastic 50 Ultra-high build, single-component coal tar mastic for protecting steel and concrete substrates subject to aggressive
conditions and for below-grade, damp proofing requirements.
Bitumastic 300M High build coal tar epoxy for protection for steel and concrete in single- or two-coat applications in a broad variety of aggressive industrial applications.
Roskote A51 A general purpose coating for underground corrosion protection of all fabricated steel products, such as pipes, tanks, conduits, cylinder casings, and structural steel.
A788 Splash Zone Solvent-free patching compound used for repairing pits, cracks, and voids in steel, concrete, wood and other surfaces. Has the unique ability to be mixed, applied, and cured underwater.
Royston R28 Cold-applied coating with high electrical resistivity designed to protect underground steel pipes, tanks, and other structures against corrosion.
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