Our misc. items include products that are used to help protect your pipe such as anode and test wire protection, patches to repair damaged coating, rock shields and fiberglass wraps. We also carry pipe wrapping applicators, flange protection products and wrappings for mechanical protection. Let us help you find the right corrosion protection caoting for your next pipeline job or make your next underground utility job easy with our complete tracer wire system from wire to connectors, test stations, anodes and locator. Proudly serving the oil, gas and water industries for over 25 years.
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Corrosion and Damage Prevention Products
Extend the Life of Your Pipeline or Utility Infrastructure with Our Full Line of Corrosion and Damage Prevention Products

Helpful Pipeline Accessories

Various pipeline accessories to help protect your pipe:  Anode and test wire protection, patches to repair damaged coating, rockshields and fiberglass wraps.


Pipeline Products

TC Handy Caps

Prefabricated assemblies designed to provide quick, field-applied corrosion protection to anode and test lead wire welds on metal pipe and tanks. 

M65 Gray Pads 65 mil, 6"x6" gray polyporopylene mesh-backed coating for anode wire connections and as a patch to repair damaged coatings. Pads are for below grade use and have "integrated primer".

TC Terra Sheild (2025-1)

A 3/8" thick, tough polyethylene foam rock shield. Protects pipe from backfill, debris and soil stress. Perforated to allow cathodic protection. Standard size is 5"x140'
Pipesaver 200

Flexible polyethylene diamond mesh rockshield

Fiberglass Innerwrap Non-reinforced fiberglass mat between 1.2–1.4 lbs/square used in conjunction with Fiberglass Outerwrap or Felt as a pipeline wrap for the Hot Applied Coal Tar Pipe Coating System.
Fiberglass Outerwrap "Stress Wrap/Outerwrap" is a glass mat manufactured with a chemical-resistant glass and bonded with a resin binder that is compatible with either coal tar or asphalt coatings.
TC Rugged Wrap Moisture activated, UV-resistant, protective overwrap for above and below grade.
TC Flangecoat A VOC Free compound designed to fill flange interfaces prior to tape application. Applied with caulking gun.
TC Handwrapster Tape application tool for cold applied tapes. Assists the operator in properly wrapping Tapecoat tapes on pipe.
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